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We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all Types of Fire Extinguishers. We specialize in ABC Type Fire Extinguishers, CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire Extinguishers,


ABC or Multipurpose extinguishers utilize special fluidized and siliconized dry chemical which insulates Class A fires, smothers Class B fires. Safe and effective for Class C fires since it is non conductor of electricity.

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Mechanical Foam

Foam is used for fire suppression. It cools the fire, forms a coating on the fuel thus preventing its contact with oxygen. Invented by Russian engineer Alexander Loran in 1902 and since then the technology has evolved and effectively used put off Class A and B fires.

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon Dioxide displaces oxygen and removes heat from the fire zone. CO2 extinguishers do not leave any residue after discharge which is ideal for electronic equipments.

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Wide range of fire safety accessories. Be it Hose reel, buckets, Fireman axe, Fire Brigade Connection, Smoke Detectors, Signage or Name it we have it.

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Water Type

Water cools burning material by absorbing heat from burning material. Effective on class A fires, it has the advantage of being inexpensive, harmless, and relatively easy to clean up.

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Trolley Mounted

DCP Trolley Mounted type fire extinguisher is best suitable for class B and C fires involving liquid, petroleum products and inflammable liquids.

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